Fall Prevention

No device has been proven better than Sanddune at restoring gait, mobility, balance

History suggests…One Third of those over 65 will fall 2017

Plantar / Dorsal flexing of the foot and ankle? Are You losing flexibility year after year?

Sanddune environment…The most compliant surface. Best flexion and range of motion.

​Unique compression and recoil mirrors a healthy nervous system.

Pronounced coordination response. Quick feet, awareness of body and balance.

Regain foot, ankle flexibility and strength…Gain precious mobility.

For most…Sanddune balance improves right before your eyes.

3 minute workouts, optimally, several times a day.

Hang On…To what you’ve got. Clinic Bar or Counter Top at home.

Support improves posture. Stand tall, elbows back. Nostril Breathing best.

Pay attention to what is happening…Make the connection.

This may mean turn off electronic devices.

Sanddune…More Contractions per session.

Hyper workouts for the quickest results

Higher intensity…Cardio Burst.