I have had five hip replacement surgeries. My last surgery was the result of my falling and snapping my titanium Femur. The surgery was about six years ago at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Ca. I was on the operating table for nine hours. I have had occupational and physical therapy many times and have always found it to be effective (up to a point). The problem being that when one finishes the allotted number of sessions it ends and one must either buy a stationary bicycle, some equipment, or join a health club. The last few years I was becoming aware that I was having difficulty walking and keeping my balance. After a regular meeting with my internist of many years he noticed my difficulty in walking and referred me to the Beverly Hills Balance Center for physical therapy. The therapy was fine but again when the allotted sessions ended so did my improvement. I was becoming very concerned and not sure what to do next as walking was becoming more and more difficult for me. A friend of mine, Dolores Vinci, noticed the difficulty I was having walking and told me about a piece of equipment called the Sanddune and let me try hers. She told me about a number of people who had one and how miraculous their results were. I tried hers and was so impressed that I purchased one that day. I am now able to do my own therapy in the comfort of my home and at my time of convenience. My balance has improved so much in a short period of time that I am amazed. I am on longer fearful of my declining ability to walk. I am now able to walk quite well. Even though the Sanddune has been miraculous I am aware that I will never be a good tennis player again- BUT -I can walk well without a walker.

Sincerely, Boris Bagdassarroff, PHD

"The Sanddune is absolutely amazing!!!"

Kerstin Yeager

Sure. I love it. Helping me a lot to gain strength and endurance in my glutes and hamstrings. So helpful for my posture and prevent fatigue. I have been mixing it up doing my legs by doing dumbbell exercises on one leg for stabilitity as well.it has also given me a change from my normal workout and cardio wtich I don't enjoy. Do it 3x a week. 30-45 minutes. would love the Clemson golf team to have them to incorporate in their training. could I get another on e? For my wife? One of the best and simplest exercise training aids for golf I've seen!

Jonathon P.G.A. Pro Golfer

"I am blown away."I have followed your advice not to over do it at first, but even with a modicum of use in just 2 days I can already see dramatic improvement in my ability to walk without the same nagging pain in my left ankle. This promises to be the greatest improvement in my mobility since the cast was remover from my leg after the first polio surgery at age 12. I remember my astonishment when, as a child, I could plant my right heel on the floor and do way with the lifts on my right shoe for the first time. I feel I am on the threshold of such an experience with the Sanddune, but without the need for surgery. I am truly indebted to you. Thank God for our chance meeting in Cabazon the other day. God is Good! I am anticipating much greater mobility and stamina in my legs when I return to Argentina next year to continue with the demands of children's crusades. What a blessing.

Mark Kinney


Sanddune Stepper

Sanddune  Testimonials



Sanddune Testimonials

"I was suffering from restless leg syndrome and losing sleep. After using the Sanddune I have seen a lot of improvement and is experiencing healing without the use of medicine."

Martin Jacobson

“I have started the process of training the brain to improve my posture, balance, & mobility.”

Ms. Miriam Tait is an instructor in a health and wellness course for seniors, emphasizing balance and mobility. She emphasizes the need for good posture, keeping the navel in, knees soft, shoulders down and back, chest up and out, and head up. She agrees with the need for stretching of the joints. One of the aspects of physical training that has been overlooked is the importance of the small muscles, most of them close to the bone, such as in the foot, ankle, hip, and between the ribs. These are the sites of proprioception, which is one of the major factors in balance, along with vision and the inner ear. They send signals to the brain for better brain/body coordination.

Ms. Tait teaches that it is not enough to train on hard surfaces such as hard floors or cement walks, referred to as “non-compliant” surfaces. “Compliant” surfaces are better for a less stressful impact on the small muscles. There are various tools with “compliant” surfaces, such as Dynodiscs, (which all her students have), and especially  the “SANDDUNE™”, which is about 30 inches square, flat-topped with a slightly inclined spongy surface. These tools “challenge and promote flexibility, balance, vestibular stimulation and neuromotor learning” (quoted  from the syllabus for this course).

When I step onto the SANDDUNE™, my feet sink  slightly into the surface. Within about a minute, my heels sink deeper, giving my calf muscles a good but gentle stretch. I then press my toes into the surface, first individually, then all. Then, in sequence, I rotate the balls of the feet in tiny circles, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Putting the feet flat, I then rotate the ankles, knees, and hips, after which I may walk in place, then rest briefly before stepping off the SANDDUNE™. For a while I feel slightly tired, but energized. Hopefully, I have started the process of retraining the brain to improve my posture, balance, and mobility.”

Alan M. Massing (Retired DDS)   |    San Clemente



“I developed Parkinson’s disease…the SANDDUNE™ became part of my life.”

I would like to tell you  about an interesting new invention to help people whose balance is not as good as it should be. It is called the SANDDUNE™. It is very difficult to describe but it creates the effect of walking on soft sand. My story began a number of years ago when I developed Parkinson’s disease. As a result my spine began to curve and my neck to push forward. As time went on, the distortion became greater, and my balance worse. One day, Mirian brought several SANDDUNE™ to class and we all took our turn balancing on them. As I stepped off the Dune after my turn, the class exclaimed that I was actually standing straighter, and so I was. Thus the SANDDUNE™ became part of my life! This year, at the beginning of class, a young lady began to video each student. Then, at the end of the semester she took another video. The difference in my posture was considerable. I owe the improvement in my posture to the Dune and the exercises we do in Miriam’s class.”

Helen Lubenow   |   October 2014



“I am most astounded at friend’s improvements in core strength by using the SANDDUNE™ despite back problems including Scoliosis.”

I enjoyed testifying to the brilliance of SANDDUNE™ via the little lunchtime video one breezy afternoon. I would have also liked you to have seen the hand stand development and HIGH Plyometrics with ZERO compaction landing. Playing catch with the medicine ball on the SANDDUNE™ is terrific as well. I am most astounded at friend’s improvements in core strength by using the SANDDUNE™ despite back problems including scoliosis. I have recently assisted physical therapists in direct contact with their clients for immediate confirmation of rehab results with my two Dunes!

Gary   |    Fire Fighter & Peer Fitness Trainer   |    September 2014



“I find it to be more effective than many of the expensive balance systems available today.”

This simple exercise apparatus is very effective in helping reestablish balance and core strength for patients who are planning to return home. I have been utilizing The Original SANDDUNE™ since November 2012 and find it to be more effective than many of the expensive balance systems available today.”




“I recommend every dance facility have this apparatus in their studios! It’s worth every penny!”

I am the owner and Artistic Director of a pre-professional dance company in Las Vegas, Nevada called Inspire Dance Company. The company trains at a studio inside the Keith Kleven Institute. Having access to many physical therapy apparatuses I was introduced to the SANDDUNE™ and it has changed my dancers. The SANDDUNE™ challenges the dancer to find stability, balance as well as strengthening the core and mobility. I have created an entire class workout on the sanddune that includes jogging, running, pliés, relevés, develops, abdominal work, yoga poses, and stretches. After working on the SANDDUNE™ the dancers can take their work center floor and have a great sense of balance. I recommend every dance facility have this apparatus in their studios! It’s worth every penny!”

Robert Contreras    |    Owner & Artistic Director of Inspire Dance Company



“We are now seeing clients from MMA, pro & amateur golfers, marathon runners, and ballet dancers – beginning to professionally use the Original SANDDUNE™ for conditioning purposes.”

In the past, the SANDDUNE™ was being used 8 to 10 hours a day in the clinic. Most of what we have used it for was conditioning for skiing, golf, hiking as well as post-op for knees, hips, some ankle/foot, and knee sprains. Patients love the feel and seem to respond well. We are now seeing clients from MMA, pro and amateur golfers, marathon runners and ballet dancers – beginning to professionally use the Original SANDDUNE™ for conditioning purposes.”

Julie   |    Kleven Institute



“We’re hooked. It awakens your body, and it is so simple, it seems like magic.”

This is an incredible apparatus. Andrea and I just purchased one, and we’re hooked. It strengthens your core, without any other gadgets. It starts with balance, then it teaches you about your body, by making your legs sing like they have been asleep.  It wakens your body, and it is so simple, it seems like magic. Check out the site, you will thank me, honest.”

Kirk Wassell



“I use the SANDDUNE™ in my four Balance Courses, because of the amazing & positive results.”

I use the SANDDUNE™ in my four Balance Courses, because of the amazing and positive results.  And guess what?  At this time, Saddleback Emeritus classes are free.”

Miriam Tait



“This tool is really making a difference in the kids’ training.”

I have found [the SANDDUNE™] great to use with my younger students who 1) lack coordination 2) don’t understand the idea of engaging all muscles and 3) need to work on balance, control and core engagement. I would be happy to share my process with anyone interested. This tool is really making a difference in the kids’ training – would really love to utilize it with classrooms of kids instead of one on one.”

Jen   |    Artistic Fusion Dance Academy



“We have been very pleased with it & would like to order four more…”

Several months ago we received one of your SANDDUNE™  for one of our offices. We have been very pleased with it and would like to order four more for our other offices.”

Liz   |    Coplin Physical Therapy



“I was involved in a skiing accident that left me with permanent spinal cord damage…I started using the SANDDUNE™ daily and after a few weeks I say a marked improvement in my walking.”

In 2004, I was involved in a skiing accident that left me with permanent spinal cord damage. After years of recovery and therapy I was left with, among other things, loss of feeling from the chest down and weakness mostly  on my right side. I had difficulty walking, using stairs, and standing for more than 15 minutes. My right foot dragged when I walked and I would often stumble. I was constantly worried about falling. I also had very limited sense of balance. I started using the SANDDUNE™ daily and after a few weeks I saw a marked improvement in my walking. My balance was greatly improved as was my ability to go up and down stairs. I continue to use it daily and continue to see improvement in leg strength, walking ability, and balance.”

R. Covert   |    Huntington Beach, CA   |    Fall 2012



“I am sooo HAPPY! Please, if you are having problems like this, try this!”

Rachel Bronsal was introduced to the SANDDUNE™ in November 2012. She was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo 18 years ago and writes that after extensive medication given, she landed in the hospital two times. A doctor told her to stop taking the meds, the meds were making it worse and suggested she tryacupuncture which worked better than the Epley technique and other treatments including exercises and diets she had trying. She did this for 2 years. ”I did get better after seven years just like the book FEELING DIZZY said. Then it was balance problems and falling when I least expected.” She had an accident in 2004 & started to fall, not only backwards but falling forward. “I couldn’t talk or see clearly. I had to have acupuncture twice a week for some time before getting better. I would get up in the morning not knowing if I would be able to function without having nausea and sitting up for 3 hours.” She began drinking an herb tea made for her by an acupuncture doctor which helped. But, the SANDDUNE™ worked for her the very first day she used it thinking it must have been a coincidence. “I said I would go online to check it out, with Jack’s progress I didn’t doubt that it would be worth watching. I really thought it would be better for Don, my husband as he has trouble walking. I really thought it would benefit him more than it would me.” It has been 18 days and she feels wonderful, “knowing I can plan to do things in the morning without having to eat one hour before taking the herb tea, then sitting for half an hour before doing or going anywhere. Damn, I am sooo HAPPY! Please, if you are having problems like this, try this!”

Rachel & Rocky Bronsal

What can I say? I'm truly blessed. Love my life, family & friends. I'm still a work in progress. Following my knee surgery the Sanddune has been instrumental in my rehab. It's high density foam simply absorbs the impact set apart from any other pieces of equipment and makes a huge difference. The fact that it's painless also gives me the confidence and inspiration to use it often. I would recommend it highly to anyone considering a fortune on physical therapy.

Roy Roden

"My gut instinct tells me you are really onto a simple but powerful solution!"


"The Sanddune is helping my balance: specifically my legs and bottom of my feet, providing neurological connections between the tiny foot muscles and my vestibular system"

Had brain surgery in 2005 which resulted in a blood clot and faceotomy, which started feelings of neuropathy and fuzziness in my balance a lot. My 2010 surgery removed my benign, recurrent tumor, but was so necessarily aggressive that my facial, balance, and swallowing nerves were all affected.

Jack Eadon

Physical Therapy Sanddune Exercise 

"Falling a lot less! Zero falls or even close calls since starting Sanddune program"

Ray Brun

"I'm loving the Sanddune."  I'm using it for everyone this morning. They just step on it and I can see where their faulty mechanics and function are.

Linda PT

Our clinic now uses the Sanddune as our go to balance training equipment. We see much higher results with neurological responses than with other balance pads. We consistently see improved scores on standardized outcome measure results in shorter periods of time then with other interventions. We love the Sanddune

C. Scott Hollander; DPT

Sanddune Testimonials

I have been using the Sanddune for several months. I have MS. It is also helps me get ride of the leg cramps I get. it is also helping me build muscle in my legs .I have foot drop and it really has helped with ankle strength no one even knows about the drop. I hope people will try this simple looking tool for help with what ever problem you have

Deborah Ruffner

My husband was having trouble walking any distance due to PAD and he started using the Sanddune and eventually he could walk around Universal Studios with our grandkids with very little trouble. We were blessed to have had a friend like Matt. Now I am having trouble and have started using the Sanddune as well. Will keep you updated on progress.

Dee Patrick

Richard has trouble even standing. I have a Sanddune sitting in my living room it helped me to recover my walking after stroke and knee and ankle surgeries!!

"I am still amazed at the recovery I have received Sanddune is an incredible recovery product for anyone with gate or balance problems!"

Donna Baer

Physical Therapy Sanddune Exercise 

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