Strong Feet will Transform your Running.  Sanddune Warm up, Cool Down...Injury Recovery...Performance Acceleration. 

Physical Therapy Sanddune Exercise 

Specific Muscular Length Fiber Recruitment. 

Sanddune Body Positions isolate musculature, you optimize contractile rates. Train at higher frequencies than the fastest running paces.


Sanddune Stepper


Injury Recovery

Running Program

Sanddune Stepper

$279 Special 

Comes with Free Anti Bacterial Cover, Carrying Case, Shipping & Handling
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Sanddune Stepper

Physical Therapy     Sanddune Exercise 

Sanddune for Runners

Sanddune Running

Running...Throwing and catching your body weight with every stride.

Your first line of defense...A Powerful Foot And Ankle System.

Sanddune complements any running program. 

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