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Re-training the brain with painless exercises may be the key to ...Medical Xpress-Jan 29, 2016
Coined TNT (tendon neuroplastic training), the treatment combines stimulating the brain externally – for example by doing exercises to the ...

Neuroplastic Healing

Timing Your Day to Greater Advantage Huffington Post-Jan 11, 2017
It's a matter of teaching people the practice that generates the neuroplastic change which rewires the brain to quell chronic stress reactions ...

Do Exercises Aimed at Increasing Neuroplasticity Work?Huffington Post-Nov 16, 2016
We are all quite familiar with the effects of exercise on muscles. When you work out a muscle, it grows stronger. If you stop exercising a muscle, ..

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How neuroplastic healing works ABC Online-

May 1, 2016
Dr Norman Doidge joins us to delve into how the process of neuroplastic healing really works and to talk about the premise of his book 'The ...

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