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Sanddune Stepper

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 Maximize Contractions and Feedback per Session.

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Sanddune Stepper

"A Better Life Begins With The First Step"

Cynthia Orsini Dahl

The SANDDUNE™ website does not contain medical advice. The contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering professional medical advice. The contents of this website are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Only your doctor or a qualified medical professional can provide you with recommendations for your ailment, treatment or problem. Nothing accessed should be or is to be interpreted as a specific or general recommendation for treatment plans, exercise regimen or course of action for an individual ailment. When beginning any diet or exercise program, it is important to consult your health care professional. Exercise according to your fitness level and capabilities. Individual results may vary. Consult your doctor and therapy team (if applicable) before beginning use on the SANDDUNE™ or with any new exercise program. Working with your doctor to create a personalized program is optimal. Perform these exercises at your own risk. Take all safety precautions for a safe workout with any exercise apparatus or program

  • Improved Motor Skills
  • ​Gentle padding Warm Up...Cardio Burst Opportunity
  • Strong Core...Improved Grace and Balance
  • 21st Century Weight Control



"Take time to embrace a personal program of fitness of mind and body"


customer results:

Positive carry-over after first use to next treatment.

Patients Notice the Difference
Patient-driven request for continued use.

Effective Tool
A self-motivating tool that provides a positive and effective challenge.

Immediate Usage
Incorporation of the modality can begin immediately or within a 2 week period of the surgery / injury depending on the patient and rehabilitation specialists recommendations.

Stress Reduction
Jarring or stress to the injured area is greatly reduced due to the yielding surface.

Less Pain, Improved Movement
Allows for less painful weight bearing movement and greater retention of the condition of the muscles and ligaments around the effected area.


 “It challenges the glutes making them fire. This is your base and key for keeping the lower back strong.”

Former NFL Pro Cornerback Lucious Irvin Smith of Lou’s Training Systems. Lou is no stranger to sports performance training and rehabilitation. Utilizing SANDDUNE™ after his 2nd hip replacement surgery, Lou was positively influenced with the lower body strengthening it delivered in a short period of time with consistent use.

Our clinic now uses the SANDDUNE as our go to balance training equipment. We see much higher results with neurological responses than with other balance pads. We consistently see improved scores on standardized outcome measure results in shorter periods of time then with other interventions. We love the SANDDUNE!

Scott Hollander; DPT

​​​​​​Richard Steele​ Personal Sanddune experience

             "Great Recovery" 


Gentle Padding to Full Cardio...Listen to your Body...

"It knows what it likes"

"I am blown away."

In just 2 days I can already see dramatic improvement in my ability to walk without the same nagging pain in my left ankle.

This promises to be the greatest improvement in my mobility since the cast was remover from my leg after the first polio surgery at age 12.

Foot Speed and Balance...Every Step you take. Muscular Contractions and Feedback at Speed.

I remember my astonishment when, as a child, I could plant my right heel on the floor and do way with the lifts on my right shoe for the first time.

I feel I am on the threshold of such an experience with the Sanddune, but without the need for surgery.

I am truly indebted to you. Thank God for our chance meeting in Cabazon the other day.

God is Good!

I am anticipating much greater mobility and stamina in my legs when I return to Argentina next year to continue with the demands of children's crusades.

What a blessing.

Mark Kinney

Susan Salk Owner of Palm Springs Pilates

 "Our goal is providing a simple, uniquely effective exercise and rehabilitative method for neurological / orthopedic patients, for fitness enhancement and general well being"

  • Rehabilitating after surgery ( hip, knee, ankle & foot
  • Training through an injury
  • Reduced impact training & conditioning

  • Gait training for neurologic
  • Weight control and reduction
  • Strength and conditioning for older patients

Carry-over is seen immediately after first use, with positive carry-over to next treatment.

Patients look forward to and actually request to use the SANDDUNE, resulting in a patient- driven, self-motivating tool in rehab.

Significant cost effectiveness is noted with the SANDDUNE, compared to the Wii or I-Balance digital systems, with better / more rapid results.

Rancho Bernerado Rehab

"The two knees...I have one replaced and the other I don't have to get replaced...Because of the Sanddune"

Currently used by physical and Kinesio therapists in:
•  Outpatient clinics
•  Athletic training centers
•  Rehabilitation facilities
•  Community living centers
•  Seniors’ independent living communities


Physical Therapy     sanddune exercise 

   Balance             Gait              Grace         Endurance



"Remarkable Device with Profound Results"

Affordable Trainer

   "Hyper Intention Therapy"




Hyper Contractions Hyper Results

​​​Sanddune Recommended by Doctors and Physical Therapists

Mark Kinney

Richard ...As a Marine, Pro Boxer, Hall of Fame Referee and now a Parkinson's Patient..."Fight Back"


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​​​​Lucious Irvin Smith